I’m Laurie Swanson, Martha Beck Life Coach, business owner, parent, community leader, writer, speaker and mentor for your Career, your Spirit and your Life

I believe in unlimited possibilities.

I know that you can create the life you have been yearning for.

I know what it’s like to reach for the bottle, the drugs, the food, the credit card or the remote because nothing else seems nourishing.

I know how it feels not to trust yourself.

I have stared at the ceiling with tears in my eyes knowing I wanted more, I wanted different but could not see my way out of my routine.

I also know that everything wonderful starts when you reach for your dreams instead of reaching for all those things that have been holding you back.

And…I know what it feels like to want to have someone at your side to listen to your dreams, totally believe you can have them and not let you give up.

If this sounds like you  and if this is what you want too then I am the coach for you.

Working together as you gain clarity, create a plan, access guidance and support from both the physical and spiritual world and take action is how this magic happens.

You will stop sabotaging yourself and start trusting yourself again.

Together we will take the life you yearn for, the unlived life inside of you, and make it real.

Call me to talk if you would like at 630/260-7821 or sign up now and let’s get started!

Create the Life You Yearn For!

Individual Coaching Session

When everything seems to feel “spinny” and your life just isn’t where you want it to be, then working with Laurie can help bring you the clarity you need.

3 Month Coaching Package

You are ready to make a change…in your job or in your life. You want to gain clarity on what is next for you, create a plan and take action. You know the time is now! You are tired of waiting. You are itching to get started but not sure exactly what to do next. You are tired of reaching for food, booze, the credit card or the remote instead of reaching for your dreams. Don’t let another day go by without taking a step towards your dreams. Sign up for a 3-month package and make your dreams come true.

Your 3 Month Coaching Package includes:

2 Phone Sessions per month
Unlimited Email Access
1 SOS call
A Dream Achievement Plan
Supportive Guidance throughout

Work with Laurie

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